About Eindhoven Design District

Eindhoven Design District is an Eindhoven Municipality, Dutch Design Foundation (DDF), and Eindhoven365 initiative aimed at providing design and technology in the city with a larger stage and encouraging design thinking among businesses and government agencies. The project is made possible by a contribution from Regio Deal Brainport Eindhoven.

About Eindhoven Design District

Eindhoven presents itself as the design capital of the Netherlands, but this needs to be more widely recognized. With the Eindhoven Design District project, we showcase the city's design DNA to the public. We ensure designs are conspicuous and to be experienced. The focus of Eindhoven Design District is on the added value design brings to society and the community, i.e., how does design contribute to sustainable, smart, and pleasant coexistence?

What Eindhoven Design District has to offer

We highlight a number of projects, designers, objects, and locations. These same places, objects, or projects symbolize the significant added value of creation and the rich array of design in Eindhoven. The latter might contribute, for example, to the future of the city, offer an innovative solution to a current problem, challenge us to look at social issues in a different way or make design accessible to a broad target audience. Here, we look beyond socially relevant design; after all, design has the potential to be beautiful or surprising.

Connecting design in the city

Eindhoven Design District connects design in the city. On the one hand, through a literal connection in the form of a variety of trails for residents and visitors, made available through Thisiseindhoven.com. On the other, the project provides a metaphorical connection: Eindhoven Design District allows us to encourage collaborations between designers, government agencies, and the business community. For instance, giving design a permanent role in the policy and working methods of the municipality, but also giving organizations practical tools to involve designers.

What are we going to be doing specifically?

With its vision of proving inspiration, Eindhoven Design District encourages projects with high-quality design and added value to society. In some cases, we do this by connecting parties, and in other cases by guiding ongoing projects or co-financing them. We are developing a toolkit to assist government agencies and other parties in the use of design thinking for urban development. We also bridge the gap between designers and potential clients by networking and mediating. We demonstrate the power of design by coming up with very specific examples and sharing a powerful vision. Finally, we involve the general public by making accessible design and showing people that design is all around us and can have a positive impact on our lives.

The project page features a selection of many 'best practices' from the Eindhoven design scene. We take you through the whole process, from request to outcome.



Op de projectpagina vind je een greep uit de vele 'best practices' van het Eindhovense ontwerpveld. We nemen je mee door het hele proces: van vraag tot resultaat.